Publication Guidelines


Literary and Scholarly Works

The Ateneo de Manila University Press accepts manuscripts ONLY during the period of January to May to allow the Press a reasonable amount of time for the review process.

       Manuscripts submitted to the AUP must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Submissions must not contain the name of the author on the manuscript. The Press practices a double-blind review system.

  2. Manuscripts must include an abstract or synopsis, and an idea of the work’s target market. It must be accompanied by the author’s up-to-date curriculum vitae with contact information.

  3. Manuscripts must be submitted to the Editorial and Production Department via in the following format: 

    • American English spelling, as Word document file

    • Double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 pts. 

    • Please note that proposals do not count as submissions. 

    • As we follow a double-blind review system, manuscripts should not contain the author’s name. Refer to yourself and your work in the third person.

    • All submissions must be properly paginated.

    • All photographs, illustrations, figures, and tables must be properly documented.

    • Permissions for material not the author's own are the author's responsibility. Forms for the request of permission may be obtained from the Press.

    • File copies of permissions for use granted by the copyright holder (of images, etc.) should be submitted along with the manuscript.

  4. Scholarly manuscripts must include a list of index terms. 

  5. Theses and dissertations per se are not accepted for publication, except when they have been written or revised in book format.

  6. Manuscripts submitted to the Ateneo Press must not be under review by any other publisher.

  7. Please allow the Press four to six months upon submission to evaluate your manuscript. 

  8. Authors are encouraged to first read the Ateneo University Press's standard contract (also available here) before submitting their manuscripts. Submission assumes agreement with all the terms of said contract. 



A manuscript submitted for review may contain any of the following: 

  • A synopsis or abstract

  • Title Page

  • Dedication 

  • Table of Contents 

  • List of Illustrations

  • List of Tables 

  • Preface 

  • Acknowledgements 

  • Introduction, Foreword, etc. 

  • Main body text (e.g., chapters, sections, articles)

  • Notes or References/Bibliography

  • Glossary or a list of keywords used in the book, if any

  • Appendices

  • Bionotes of Author/s and/or Contributors

  • Index keywords, if any 

  • Permissions 

  • Blurbs and Testimonials

While images may be placed inside the document to indicate placement when the manuscript is initially submitted, the author must be ready to provide high-resolution versions of the images (in JPEG) upon request. There must be written documentation of permission to use for images not owned by the author or part of the public domain. Please make sure to label all images properly for easier retrieval by the editorial team. 


Download Editorial Style Guide. 

Download standard contract for authors.


Updated 11 November 2020