Filipino Leadership: Stories and Science

The ultimate test of leadership is how we act in the best and worst of times; in crucial moments in history when the people whom we pledged to serve need us the most. I hope that our current leaders and aspiring ones will be inspired by the stories and science in this book, so that together, we can make our country a better place for the next generation of Filipinos.

—Maria Leonor Gerona Robredo
14th Vice President of the Philippines


Given the globalization of many organizational processes, many leadership practices in the Philippines resemble those in other countries. 

And while it is true that leaders worldwide similarly experience the complexity of organizations and societies, their particular context and culture shape their day-to-day interactions and responses to challenges. To resonate therefore among our leaders, this book showcases researches and stories on Filipino leadership. It is interesting to see how leadership acquires a distinct flavor in a high power distance, highly collectivist, developing country. 

The book captures local knowledge and translates these into practical and useful applications relevant to the practice of leadership in various settings and sectors in the Philippines. Its findings are enriched by experiences of leaders thereby connecting the science to actual stories of leadership.

Published in 2021.



Mendiola Teng-Calleja, Ma. Regina M. Hechanova, Edna P. Franco and Emerald Jay D. Ilac (Editors)
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Ateneo de Manila University Press