(E-BOOK) Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines: Republic Act No. 11232 Commentaries and Cases

Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines (Republic Act No. 11232): Commentaries and Cases is the authors’ modest contribution in explaining the Revised Corporation Code of the Philippines approved on
February 20, 2019.

The book incorporates recent changes in the Code which include 1) persons or entities who/which could be incorporators, 2) the concept of a one-person corporation, 3) technological developments in Philippines that make possible the virtual attendance of stockholders or directors in meetings, allowing them to vote on issues of primary concern to them, although not physically present.

Essentially, however, basic principles in corporation law such as the corporation’s separate juridical personality and the possibility of piercing the veil of corporate fi ction when the corporation’s juridical personality is misused remain.

These two features of the Revised Code—the constant retained and the changes introduced—indicate the clear intent of lawmakers to ease doing business in the Philippines.

Published in 2019. 


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Joseph Sedfrey S. Santiago, Eduardo Victor J. Valdez and Catherine Jennifer P. Gonzales
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