(E-BOOK) Inner Blossoming: An Asian-Transpersonal Approach to Learning, Growth and Healing

Inner Blossoming is a practical tool and inspiring guide for students, teachers, experts, and laypeople seeking psychospiritual ways to learn, heal and grow. Starting as a postgraduate course in psychology, it has evolved into a series of national and international conferences and teaching seminars. Integrating Asian and Western perspectives, the book invites readers to take or make alternative paths toward wholeness. It details conceptual framewroks in psychology as well as the history, procedures, and outcomes of this learning approach. It taps into a wealth of methods, including individual readings, group discussions, dream explorations, games and drawings, prayer and meditation, music and poetry, dance and humor, and other resources to facilitate creative transformation. In the final chapter, testimonials from participants and clients confirm their enjoyable and endurng efforts at inner blossoming. Without denying the world's realities, the bud in everyone's being opens up to celebrate and contemplate the possibilities within. The book is part of an ongoing search for ways to cultivate the psyche and the soul. "A beautiful life does not happen by chance," the author writes. "It should be tended, waters, and exposed to the elements for it to bloom fully."

Published in 2013. Winner, 2014 Gintong Aklat Award for the Inspirational/Self-Help Category.

Maria Lourdes Llaneza-Ramos
Ateneo de Manila University Press
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