(E-BOOK) The Cosmic Wild: Biology of Science Fiction

The cosmos is wild.  From its explosive beginnings to when the first cries of life shattered the silence on lonely planets, there has been a wild energy in the universe that has been untamed, unchecked, and unbound.  Science fiction, the genre of the novum, has given the world physical manifestations of this wild energy that are in equal parts bizarre, terrifying, beautiful, and astonishing.  Immortals who defy the dictates of time and life.  Hybrids, shapeshifters, and assimilators of flesh and mind.  Clones. Cyborgs and synthetic life-forms.  Parasites and pathogens.  Aliens of all shapes, sizes, and dispositions.

In those science fiction works that touch on the biological sciences, these and other strange entities are the nova.  They are creatures at the fringes of our minds and of our sciences, and some of them are closer to reality than we think… 

The Cosmic Wild: Biology of Science Fiction brings you into the cosmic wildness where you will meet these creatures and marvel at the wondrous biological forms that they adopt.

Published in 2015.

Ronald Cruz
Ateneo de Manila University Press
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