A Duterte Reader: Critical Essays On Rodrigo Duterte's Early Presidency

With essays by leading experts in diverse fields, this book offers a penetrating portrait of a volatile administration poised between a troubled past and an uncertain future. The research is thorough; the writing eloquent; and the insights myriad. This is critical reading for anyone who wishes to understand this perplexing moment in the ever-changing, ever-fascinating politics of the Philippines.
— Alfred W. McCoy, author of In the Shadows of the American Century: The Rise and Decline of US Global Power

This book offers timely, incisive, and well-grounded analyses of the rise of Rodrigo Duterte from child of a crisis-prone postcolony wracked by intense intra-elite electoral competition, revolutionary challenges from various sectors of society, and authoritarian rule and top-down developmentalism to long-time mayor of Davao and first Mindanaoan president of the Philippines.
— Caroline S. Hau, author of Elites and Ilustrados in Philippine Culture

The irony doesn’t escape us: A Duterte Reader packs a lot of rigorous thinking into its pages to give coherence to a man who eschews rigor and downgrades facts. Still, public intellectuals cannot shirk from their civic duty to civilize the national conversation.
— Marites D.  Vitug, author of Shadow of Doubt: Probing the Supreme Court

Published in 2017.

Nicole Curato (Editor)
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