Bouncing Back Life and Learning in a Time of Crisis

What makes Filipino students resilient, particularly in times of crises?Even as some students succumb to anxiety and despair, lose motivation to learn, commit acts against integrity, others actively participatein every synchronous class, go beyond minimum competencies, andremain hopeful and strong amid severe trials. How do they do it? Whatkeeps them going? What can we learn from them? Twenty-five professors of the Ateneo de Manila School of Science and Engineering (SOSE)chose 92 college students, graduate students, and alumni whom theyobserved to display resilience in learning, and prodded them to reflecton how they overcame challenges in and out of the classroom. Many students are financial aid scholars, while some are economically comfortable. Many are top achievers, while some experienced failures in schooland national exams. Many underwent childhood poverty, parental separation, loss of loved ones, and several have mental and emotional healthissues. Whatever their circumstances, the study reveals that these resilient students rely on three sources of support: a deep faith, solid familybonds, and close friends and mentors. In this book, students describehow they create doable routines, manage tasks and time, hold each other accountable, even as they pursue hobbies, exercise and communewith nature, and bond with loved ones. They relate how they cultivateinterest in learning, take mistakes in stride, keep things in perspective,feel grateful to their mentors, and find purpose in serving others. 

Some students tell stories in depth: how they love to learn and grow,why failures are learning experiences, and why the mind is our mostpowerful organ. They remind us to take care of our mind and body, andanchor ourselves on core values as we take charge of our future withloved ones right by our side. Inspired by these students, several professorsreflect on their grit and resilience, share growth-mindset exercises,narrate inspiring stories of how they themselves surmounted adversity.

Filipino resilience is a community affair

Published in 2022.

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