The Rulers of Magindanao in Modern History, 1515–1903: Continuity and Change in a Traditional Realm in the Southern Philippines

“How likely was it that the ancient Filipinos developed a concept of statehood at precolonial contact?” Thus begins the opening chapter of this book on the history of Magindanao Sultanate. Drawing on various sources including the luwaran (code) and tarsila (genealogy) and combining ethnography with politics, Datu Michael Ong Mastura reconstructs a dynastic history of southern Philippines across 388 years and depicts a cosmopolitan society allied with the neighboring mandalas in Southeast Asia. 

“With the publication of The Rulers of Magindanao in Modern History: 1515–1903, there is no more reason for any Filipino or Moro scholar not to teach courses on Magindanao and Moro histories. The book is a welcome addition to the growing literature on Mindanao, which, in turn, is essential in any attempt to write and teach a history of the island and its diverse peoples. This is an exceptional, much-awaited work. It is a delight to reread it and an honor to write this homage to a much-respected Magindanao icon.” —from the foreword by Patrticio N. Abinales, author of Making Mindanao: Cotabato and Davao in the Formation of the Philippine Nation-State

Published in 2023.


Datu Michael Ong Mastura
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Ateneo de Manila University Press