April is National Literature Month. As part of our celebration, we are sharing with you the literary titles that are set to be released this month. From proto-fiction to a collection of short stories and a translation of a beloved Filipino novel, these forthcoming titles promise to keep us engaged and leave us with thought-provoking insights on life, love, and everything in between. 

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The Visita Iglesia is a very popular Roman Catholic custom in the Philippines. It takes place on Holy Thursday after the Mass of the Last Supper is celebrated at the main altar. Here are several church suggestions for your Visita Iglesia this year as inspired by Endangered Splendor: Manila's Architectural Heritage, 1571-1960.

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We are excited to announce the forthcoming releases from the Ateneo University Press this March. We have curated a selection of titles that cover a range of topics from history and society to literary translation. These are written by esteemed scholars in their respective fields and promise to offer readers new insights and perspectives on the Philippines. 

Here are some of the titles hitting the shelves soon.

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In case you missed it, the past month has been filled with new releases and book events. Our latest titles include a collection of scholarly books that are sure to deepen your knowledge and broaden your perspectives. Browse the list to stay up-to-date with the latest releases and book events from last February. 

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The Ateneo University Press, in cooperation with various organizations, has prepared this lineup of events as a call to remember the legacy of the EDSA People Power revolution and to help us collectively reclaim EDSA as a historical event. 

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February is packed with celebrations and commemorations–from arts month and Valentine’s Day, to the EDSA People Power Anniversary. This month promises to keep you busy, not only with observances but with anticipated releases to go with your learning journey. 

Be the first to know (and order) what’s coming out next month!

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The start of a new year is usually the time when you build your reading goals. Whether that’s picking up from where you left off last year or curating a new list, it’s always an excellent time to get you excited about books.

Here are captivating reads to add to your #toreadpile this 2023.

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