Competing Views and Strategies on Agrarian Reform, Vol. 2: Philippine Perspective

“By combining meticulous research into government data with solid fieldwork, Borras shows that agrarian reform accomplishments need to be examined in a disaggregated fashion and judgments made locally about the redistributive content of particular reform processes. Here he sets an important theoretical and methodological standard for all subsequent studies of reform in the Philippines and elsewhere. . . . One of the more important insights of his work has been to demonstrate why the redistribution of public, or forest, lands, often excluded from analysis of redistributive reform, can have important redistributive content (necessitating an analysis of effective property arrangements within lands formally considered ‘public’). Here again Borras sets a new standard for future studies of agrarian reform.”—From the Foreword by James Putzel.

This is the second volume. The first volume, Competing Views and Strategies on Agrarian Reform, Volume 1: International Perspective, was also published by Ateneo de Manila University Press in 2008.

Published in 2008. Winner, 2009 National Book Awards, for Social Sciences.

Saturnino M. Borras Jr.
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